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RP 101 [Updated 3-20-08]

~RP 101~ -ish~

Hello there! Aion-mod here~ This is a guide for any players who are new to the RP world (but are mostly shy to ask someone for guidance). Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best one out there nor does it mean you must follow it. It's simply to help anyone who may be a bit nervous in trying it out or lost with certain things about the RP world in general. But through my personal experience and what I have read from different forums/comms, there are certain things I think new players should be aware of to avoid conflict with another mun (aka player). Here are a few tips to help you keep up with some of the older players and to get you started.

Tip #1: Know your style of RPing and understand and respect that not everyone will be the same.

Everyone has their own preference to the way they want to RP. Some prefer to volley comments back and forth quickly as opposed to some who wish to take their time and write out long detailed paragraphs. There are also muns who set aside time to RP verses those who take each comment as it comes and sporadically works their RP time into their busy schedule. Know what works best for you. Speak to the muns you want to engage with so that you are aware of their style and vice versa.

Tip #2: As default, try to avoid making one liners.

An example of one liner verses a small paragraph:
"Shuuichi walked into the store and sees Yuki. 'What!? What are you doing here!?'"


"Shuuichi groaned and held his stomach as he dragged his feet down the street. He had been feeling awfully hungry for the past few hours and was about to lose it if he didn't get something quick. Remembering a store near by, the pink haired singer finally made it when all of a sudden he saw his lover standing in one of the aisles browsing through the small selection they had. Not having seen him for a couple of days, he pointed his finger at the blond and yelled loudly across the room. 'What!? What are you doing here!?'"

Again, this may not be the case for everyone but I would say your best bet is to avoid making one liners when starting to RP with someone, especially someone you don't know. I, personally, do not like them since it doesn't give you much detail on what the character is doing and it can sound boring at times. But again, if it's rapid, for example such as over AIM or you have time set aside with the mun, then it may work quite nicely. I've just found that other muns have agreed with me and if you're not sure then it's probably best to avoid it. It's always better to give too much than too little. Then again, too much has it's consequences too, such as leading to god-modding or sounding repetitive so you have to be the judge of that.

Tip #3: Always make sure to carefully read and follow the comments that lead to the current one. Be aware of what's going on.

This doesn't happen too often but I do know it does happen, by mistake or not. There are times when muns become too busy that they veer away from a log for too long that they forget what's going on or become too lazy to pay attention to what's going on. Make sure that you know what all the characters you are interacting with are doing to avoid repeating a question they may have asked 'x' number of comments ago or do something that is not possible because they are in a particular position.

For example, you can't be pouring a glass of water if there is no jar there to begin with. Or smack such and such in the face, when they have clearly stated they are across the room and not in front of your character. It sounds silly and common sense but it happens so try to avoid it so you don't frustrate or confuse another mun or even yourself.

Tip #4: Always leave options open-ended to avoid God-modding. Try to keep a open-mind to what other's may want to do.

This especially applies when doing a fight scene. Unless it is choreographed ahead of time between the muns, it's always best to leave options opened for the other mun to decide.

For example: "Aion drew his sword and dashed towards his enemy, slashing down towards Chrono's right shoulder."

This doesn't indicate whether the other person was hit or not, which leaves it open for the other mun to decide what he or she wants to do. They may want to dodge it a particular way or get hit for whatever reason. This is your best bet to avoid any accusations.

Tip #5: Which leads to, never write on behalf of another character unless given permission to or asked by the mun.

This is where most players get nailed, I think. People assume that RPing is similar to writing a fanfiction and it's not. Taking control and responding for another character besides your own is considered god-modding. If that is what you prefer to do then probably writing fanfics are better for you. RPing is seeing how another character may react to your character's actions, which is what makes it more fun and interesting than just writing a fanfic for some players. Just be aware.

Tip #6: Try to avoid using the same words to describe an action.

Now, I know this may be hard for some characters who have a particular behavior that they do all the time but it's best to try and use different words to avoid sounding mundane and repetitive. Thesaurus can be a great help in these situations. Try using www.dictionary.com, if you find yourself stuck.

Tip #7: Always call a mun by their preferred name in OOC.

Apparently, this has been an issue going around where certain muns do not wished to be called by their main muse (aka character)'s name. what I mean by this is, for example, since one of my main muses is Aion, people calling me Aion outside the comm. It's always fine to drop back on using "[insert muse name here]-mun" if you honestly can't remember or don't know their name but please make every effort to respect their wish and make the changes if asked to. Or if you are unsure ask them which they prefer.

Tip #8: Never mix up a mun with their character.

This is kind of going into RP etiquette. There have been numerous complaints through out the RP world where some muns tend to think that a mun who plays a particular character, thinks of he or she as that character. Just because someone plays an evil, malicious villain doesn't mean that the actual mun is out to destroy the world. Please be sure to keep that in mind. Of course, there are muns who would love to fool around and pretend to be such and such out of the community with you but don't assume that everyone will.

Tip #9: If you are unsure of how to write in first or third person, try reading other mun's examples to create your own style.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and different people have different ways of describing their character. See what works best for you.

Tip #10: Always be courteous to your fellow muns and finish what you have started in some way.

I see that muns have a tendency of doing this quite often and know of certain muns, including myself, who become frustrated when they're characters are left in the blue. Remember to stay courteous to your fellow muns by finishing what you've started. Of course, anyone can become bored with a log but if that's the case write your character out or tell the mun how you would like to move on so that they aren't constantly wondering what happened. If you are about to drop a character, it's not required but it's always nice to make sure your character isn't interacting with anyone, especially in a major plotline before dropping him or her. This could potentially screw someone else's plan of what they were going to do with their character, which isn't a great feeling so try to avoid doing so. You'll keep a better working relationship with your fellow muns if you do~<33

Tip #11: Commonly how logs are started at the main community

When starting a log on the main community always fill out the following information and then place the opening paragraph under a cut.

Who: [Who are involved in the log (Write "Open" to allow anyone in or "Closed" to keep people out except the listed ppl)]
What: [What's going on]
When: [This is typically written about what event/log took place before hand (eg: After Aion's meeting with Chrno about ______) or linked to the actual event or log]
Where: [Where it's taking place]
Rating: [For the readers (G, PG, PG13, MA, R, etc.)
Warning: [This could be spoiler warning or anything else such as the content (eg: M x M; sexual content; violence; language; etc.)]

Again, look at what the other muns are doing for an example.

Tip #11: The Screening process when using the character journal

I was personally confused with this when I first started, LOL and soo here are the common lingos used for when screening to a particular character (this does not apply to every RP community so please be sure to read their rules and ask the moderators there for further details on how it works at their comm):

[Screened to ___________]: means that you're sending a message specifically to that person.

[Screened from _____________]: means that you are letting other people see it but blocking it from the named person.

[Screened to ____________ (not hackable)]: means that the message you are sending to stated character is the only character who could read and know the information that's written. Even though as a mun you could read it by all means but you must assume that your character does not know that information.

[Screened to ______________ (semi-hackable)]: means that any characters with the ability and knowledge to hack information can attempt to do so and by putting this the mun is indirectly giving you permission to hack it if you wish.

[private]: means that it is a thought process that the character is having. It isn't necessarily opened for the characters to know the stated information but more so for the other muns to know where your character stands and how he or she feels.

[voice post]: means that the character is speaking into the device and that other sounds can be added in the background if you wish.

For example:
[voice post]:
"Hey does anyone know where I could find a.... aaa.. Ahhh! *sound of tripping over a rock*"

Something like that, LOL

For the most part, your best bet is to look at what the other muns are doing and follow along.

For other questions on how things work specifically at vortexxworld, please refer to our Vortexx FAQ or e-mail me at kawaiigaara@gmail.com and I'd be more than happy to try and assist you.

Give it a try and have fun! =^W^=
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